St Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood

In June 2021 we recorded Bathroom Suite by Brian Kogler,
composed for Susan Christie and Consort 8 in 2018.

Un Doux Noël

Our annual Advent/Christmas concert Un Doux Noël  was held on Saturday 5 December 6pm at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood. 

The program ranged from 15th century carols through to 21st century compositions, featuring gentle lullabies and traditional carols.  We have selected a number of our favourite videos from the concert for your enjoyment.

Lulla Lullaby (Part 1)
William Byrd (1540 – 1621)

Coventry Carol
Anon 15th Century (arr Martin Shaw)

Psallite Unigenito
Michael Praetorius (1570 – 1621)

Hettorre della Marra (1570 – 1634)

Quanno nascette Ninno per la nascita di Gesù
Anon 17th Century

Courtly Ayres & Dances

On 19 September 2020, Consort 8 presented Courtly Ayres & Dances at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood. The concert was a visual feast with guest artists, The Early Dance Consort, performing against the beautiful backdrop of St Paul’s. Here are some videos for you to enjoy.

The Dovehouse Pavane (viols)
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (1575 -1628)

Two Almaines ~ The Honie Suckle & The Night Watch (recorders)
Anthony Holborne (1545 -1602)

Pavane Belle qui tiens ma vie
Thoinot Arbeau (1520 -1595)

Leggiadra Marina
Cesare Negri (c. 1536 – 1610)

A Spanish Pavane
Michael Praetorius (1571 – 1621)
Marcantonio Negri
Fabritio Caroso (1526 -1620)

Tres Morillas
Anon 16th century

André Campra (1660 -1774)

Aimable Vainqueur
André Campra

In January 2020, Consort 8 recorded two of the Three Gregorian Fantasies by Lance Eccles, composed in 2004. In April 2020, it was announced that these recordings  won 3rd place in the Orpheus Music International Competition for recordings of performances of Australian music composed for recorders.

The performances were recorded at our home, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood. This church, with its beautiful windows and roof detailing, matches the soaring qualities in the music. Consort 8 would like to thank Father James at St Paul’s for allowing us to use the church for this recording, and his always generous support of our group.

Consort 8 is led by Susan Christie, here playing soprano recorder; Jude Huxtable, alto; Bernard Williams and Robert Small, tenors; Susan Foulcher, bass.

Kyrie Eleison from Three Gregorian Fantasies / Lance Eccles (2004)
Based on Gregorian chant themes, the melodies are freely flowing, with subtle time changes throughout. Gorgeous to play!

Asperges me from Three Gregorian Fantasies / Lance Eccles (2004)
This piece is based on the Gregorian chant sung during the sprinkling of altar, clergy, and people with holy water before High Mass.

Workshop with Sören Sieg

In February 2020, the Sydney Society of Recorder Players organised a workshop with the internationally renowned composer Sören Sieg. This African Suite was recorded at the concert following the workshop. Consort 8 was thrilled to be able to perform in the presence of the composer.

Vitambo vya moyo by Sören Sieg
Three movements:
Kinokero (The Gazelle)
Kinyongo (Wistfulness)

Rehearsal Videos

 These rehearsal videos were recorded during the Covid-19 era when we were unable to perform concerts for you. We hope the videos bring you some joy.

Clive Lane 

Anthony Holborne (1545-1602)