Other Engagements


Composers Writing for their Instruments
Sunday 21 February
Fine Music 102.5 – Enjoy, Learn, Discuss Online Series
Presenter: Robert Small
with live performances by Consort 8

During this presentation, we learned about familiar composers like Telemann, the recorder players private composer, and Marais, a viol player famous enough for a movie to be made about him, and some less well known ones like John Jenkins. Consort 8 illustrated the presentation with short pieces for the recorder, the viola da gamba, the lute and the guitar.


Queen Street & West Woollahra Association ~
Christmas 2020 Window Display Competition
Sunday 13 December

Members of Consort 8 entertaining passers-by on Queen St, Woollahra


Was Shakespeare actually Emilia Bassano?
Sunday 8 December
Fine Music 102.5 ENJOY, LEARN DISCUSS – Fine music

Advent Festival of Readings & Carols
Wednesday 4 December
A liturgy of devotional readings and music celebrating the birth of Jesus
Santa Sabina College Chapel

Design Excellence Awards Ceremony
Wednesday 28 August
Woollahra Council Chambers

Darling Point Society’s Lindesay Afternoon Tea
Saturday 27 July
Lindesay House, Darling Point


Je sui un Tornade!
The life and times of Louise Dyer
Sunday 18 November
Fine Music 102.5 ENJOY, LEARN DISCUSS – Fine music

Gesualdo, Composer, Prince and Murderer.
Sunday 20 May
Fine Music 102.5 ENJOY, LEARN DISCUSS – Fine music